Univerisity of Florida  College of Design Construction Planning  Gainesville FL USA
University of Florida  Center for African Studies   Architecture | Africa Initiative
GOTHIC HOUSE JERSEY CITY NJ  Owners:Carol Losos and Judson Weaver; Construction: Mike Downes Construction ACARCH intern Justin Hedde renderings 
GREAT HALL HOUSE Nina Hofer and Peter Polshek  Owners and Collaborators; Construction: Jan Franzen Gainesville Fl; ACARCH interns: Brook Denison, Johan Chung model; color: Judy Shade
MONTANO BRIDGE OVERLOOKS  Client: City of Albuquerque, NM; Collaborator: Robert Peters FAIA,  Architect  Albuquerque NM Funding: City of Albuquerque 1% for the Arts, Albuquerque NM
NTULYA TANZANIA  We proposed several innovative constructions for the village of Ntulya, Tanzania, which made use of the local capacity for brick making. Our search for new roofing systems led to the development of the “basket-roofs” for existing school buildings in the region.The completed Health Post is now serving the community. This project was requested by the Village of Ntulya, Tanzania initiated and sponsored by Dr. Aimee Bessire Africa Schoolhouse, with support from the GO! campaign
 PLACE LALLA YEDDOUNA FEZ MOROCCO ACARCH interns:  Kayleigh Carlisle, Laura Ettedgui, Gail Milano, Jacob Peel, Kelly Rowan
RAPTOR ENCLOSURE FOR THE ZUNI PUEBLO ACARCH interns: University Scholars Sarah GambleKatice Helinski special thanks to Jim Enote, Steve Albert, Zuni Fish and Wildlife, Malcolm Bowekaty, governor of the Pueblo of Zuni, Edward Wemytewa, Nelson Luna, and the Pueblo of Zuni, NM Pueblo of Zuni  New Mexico Further information and Project Funding:National Endowment for the Arts University of Florida College of Design Construction Planning Lannan Foundation Fund of Four Directions Angelica Foundation Chamiza Foundation Conerstones Community Partnership
RESOURCE: DESIGN IN EAST AFRICA AC ARCH internGlenn Darling  FIU support and exhibit photos: Dr David Rifkind
TUNAHAKI THEATER AND ORPHANAGE MOSHI TANZANIA ACARCH Interns:  Glenn Darling, Rachel Stoudt,Jacob Peel, , Kimberly Blythe Hollmen Reuter Sandman Architects Helsinki, Finland Saija Hollmen, Helena Sandman, Jenni Reuter architects responsible for the design of the orphanage CAST University of Manitoba :article on tunaHAKi construction Mark West, consultant on fabric formed concrete theater walls Architect of Record: Balthazar Shoo Moshi, Tanzania Engineer: Philip Mpemba Moshi, Tanzania Project Funding and further information about the project: Architecture for Humanity link to article Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction link to article University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning link to article University of Florida Center for African Studies link to research report Go Campaign, Scott Fifer 
ZENDO LIDO KEY SARASOTA FL Client: Estelle Gerard Contractor: My Green Buildings